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Lisbon in winter

Lisbon in winter: A seasonal guide with the best activities and tours

Sure, it is colder in Lisbon in winter, but there is still a lot to do in the Portuguese capital! With plenty of sunny days, Christmas markets, and gorgeous museums, you won’t be bored for one minute! Let’s look at what you can do in winter in Lisbon.

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The weather in Lisbon in winter

How cold does it get in Lisbon? Depending on where you’re from, it doesn’t get too cold, and it’s warm throughout the year. The weather in Lisbon is mild, and it’s a great time to visit the Portuguese capital. It’s not so busy, prices are lower, and there are plenty of sunny days. Does it snow in Lisbon? It won’t! The only place where you can expect snow in Portugal is the mountain range Serra da Estrella in northern Portugal. So overall, Lisbon is a lovely place to visit in winter.

The average temperature in Lisbon in winter is between 15 and 16 °C (59-61°F), and at nighttime, between 8 and 10 °C (46.4-50°F). In late November, the temperature starts to drop. The coldest month is usually January; from March onwards, the temperatures will begin to rise again.

What to wear in Portugal in winter

To say the weather is unpredictable in winter is an understatement. Some days it rains, and on some sunny days, you can walk around in a t-shirt. The answer? Layers! And plenty of them. If you’re cold-sensitive, you might want to dress up in full winter gear, but often a hat and gloves aren’t needed. A word of warning though: many houses don’t have heating. But saying that, the hotels are usually fully equipped and inside, it’s nice and toasty!

A good rain jacket and hiking shoes might come in handy. Especially when it rains, the streets of Lisbon can get very slippery. And there is nothing worse than getting cold from the rain. On many days, however, you can walk around in a t-shirt, light jacket, or jumper. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!

Things to do in Lisbon in winter

Thankfully, there is plenty to do in the winter in Lisbon. You can visit a museum, enjoy the famous sights in Lisbon, or enjoy a relaxing day in a spa. The colder weather is also perfect for hiking! Monsanto park and Sintra are gorgeous places to explore. Visiting the palaces in Sintra in winter is also fantastic. The queues are gone, and the green, lush landscape invites you for long walks. Bonus tip: It’s big wave season in Nazaré. It’s the best time to check the surfers doing their tricks on these massive waves! Check this post before you go to ensure you can view the magical big waves in Nazaré

The best activities to stay warm indoors

There are plenty of sights to visit in Lisbon and many indoor activities. And the best thing is, there are no crowds! Check the below list to fill out your Lisbon itinerary!

✓ Discover the history of the Pantheon —> Read more
✓ Visit the Jerónimos Monastery in Belém —> Read more
✓ Admire the tiles in São Vicente de Fora —> Read more
✓ Try pastel de Nata at Pastéis de Belém
✓ Climb up Belém Tower —> Read more
Ride an old tram
✓ Visit the oldest church in Lisbon, Sé de Lisboa —> Read more
✓ Discover colourful fish at aquarium Oceanário de Lisboa —> Read more
✓ Go shopping! Centro Colombo, LX Factory, Centro Vasco da Gama, Freeport Outlet, and the Strada Outlet are great places to visit
✓ Eat at Time Out Market
✓ Visit the oldest bookshop in the world! It’s Livraria Bertrand in Chiado
✓ Visit Estádio da Luz, the stadium of Benfica
✓ Admire Ajuda Palace

Is it raining in Lisbon?

Check these tips for a rainy day!

Enjoy the winter sun in Lisbon

On sunny days you can head out and enjoy some outdoor activities! Go on a long beach walk at Costa da Caparica to get some fresh air. Or visit the many sights in the city.

A favourite neighbourhood for people to explore is Alfama, and you can visit many sights in the old part of town! It’s the home of Lisbon Castle São Jorge, stunning viewpoints, São Vincente de Fora, the flea market Feira da Ladra, and the Pantheon. You can finish the day with a Fado show in the many Fado houses you’ll find in Alfama. And a visit to the Fado Museum should not be missed!

Other places to discover are:

✓ Admire the view from Arco da Rua Augusta
✓ All sights in Belém
✓ Ride the Santa Justa Lift
✓ Discover Lisbon’s viewpoints such as Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Miradouro da Graça, and Miradouro de Santa Luzia

The best tours in Lisbon in winter

Tourism doesn’t stop in winter, and there are still plenty of tours to book. Some are even specific to the season! The best tours in Lisbon in winter are:

✓ Enjoy the Paparazzi Tour, have your pictures taken in Lisbon

✓ A day trip to Sintra, Cascais, and Cabo de Roca

✓ Food and wine tour

✓ Sightseeing tour by tuk-tuk

✓ Learn how to make Pastel de Nata

✓ Discover the Christmas Lights by tuk-tuk

Museum tips in Lisbon

It hardly ever rains the whole day, but the winter months are perfect for a museum visit. But what are the best museums in Lisbon? There is something for every interest!

MAAT —> Read more
Berardo Collection —> Read more
National Coach Museum
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
✓ Money Museum
✓ Museu da Marioneta
Tile Museum Lisbon —> Read more
✓ Popular Art Museum —> Read more
National Museum of Ancient Art
Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon Exhibition
Lisbon: Immersivus Gallery Lisboa Experience

Christmas in Lisbon

Nothing beats a cosy Christmas market, and Lisbon has plenty of them! You can visit Rossio square and Praça da Figueira in the city centre to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Beautiful decorations and lights can be discovered at the shopping mall Armazéns do Chiado and Praça Luís de Camões. And don’t forget to admire the massive Christmas Tree on Praça do Comércio. And Wonderland Lisboa at Parque Eduardo VII is a must-see for all ages.

If you have the time, you can make a day trip or stay overnight in the quaint town of Óbidos. Every year this walled town turns into a winter wonderland full of activities and fairy tale decorations. To read more about Christmas in Lisbon, check the link here.

New Years Eve in Lisbon

Put your dancing shoes on and visit one of the many clubs in the Portuguese capital! Are clubs not your thing? Then there are plenty of places to enjoy your night in Lisbon. There are many free events, and some you’ll have to pay for. Be aware you might need to pre-book your ticket!

Some unique experiences are:

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a boat!
A Pub Crawl in Lisbon
See a Fado Show

Where to stay in Lisbon

The best part about travelling to Lisbon in winter is that the prices are a lot cheaper! Finding a gorgeous hotel on a budget will be much easier! Check the hotels available below for your unforgettable winter visit to Lisbon!


As you can see, there is a lot to do in Lisbon in winter! With such a mild climate, the city is a beautiful place to stay in. Plus is an excellent place to escape the winter if you’re not into snow and cold! And as a bonus, the Portuguese capital is a lot quieter, and prices are lower compared to the high season. Check out this complete list of the best tours in Lisbon, Portugal, for any weather condition!

Written by Marga

Written by Marga

Content creator, travel writer and photographer

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