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LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon: Creative hub, shops, offices, street art and restaurants

The LX Factory Lisbon is one of the top attractions in the Portuguese capital. Whether you like shopping, want to visit a rooftop bar, dine and wine, or have a look around, make sure to put the LX Factory on your bucket list! The former industrial complex is a favourite sight for all ages!

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Your guide to visiting the LX Factory Lisbon

A quick overview

What to see? Shops, restaurants, a Sunday market, art galleries, and more! It’s a beautiful place to enjoy live music, visit bars, and support small businesses.

Costs? There is no entrance fee to visit the LX Factory.

Where? In Lisbon, in the neighbourhood of Alcântara.

Worth it? If you like art, shops, creativity and a lively environment, then yes!

What is the LX Factory Lisbon?

The LX Factory Lisbon is located in a former industrial complex. The spot was occupied by the Company of Wiring and Fabricos Lisbonense, which opened up the factory complex in the city in 1846. The Industrial Company of Portugal and Colonies, Typography Anuário Comercial de Portugal and Gráfica Mirandela later used the industrial area in Alcântara. It was once one of Lisbon’s most significant factories, and after years of abandonment, the complex is now the home of the LX Factory in the city.

LX Factory Lisbon

The LX Factory came to life again; today, it’s a place filled with creativity! There are events throughout the year, and you can visit terrific restaurants and enjoy a great shopping experience. There is a place for everyone, and it’s a fun area for all ages. There are even offices with small businesses such as consultancy agencies, architects, and an event agency.

LX Factory Lisbon shops

You will find several stores at the LX Factory Lisbon. Whether you like clothes, creative accessories, fair trade products, art, or home accessories, it’s one of the coolest spots in the country for shopping. You won’t find high-street shops here, and if you like supporting small businesses, the LX Factory is the place to be. You can often even meet the shop owner and the artist behind the painting! 

Some shops worth visiting are:

  • Saudade Design – carpets, cushions, and yoga mats from upcycled materials
  • Petit Love – children’s and baby clothing
  • Etnik Spring – Fair Trade products from Thailand
  • Brandz – unique gifts from various brands and designers
  • Art Studio Lisbon – By Jo Seixas & Grebism
  • Bairro Arte – A bold store with great designs
  • MoreThanWine – Portuguese wines from Lisbon, Douro, Alentejo, Dão… and more!
  • India That Wears You – Clothing and accessories
  • Rutz – for cork lovers!
  • Coqueta – For those who like vintage clothing
  • The Flower Truck – for stunning plants and dried flowers

Ler Devagar bookstore

A special mention is required for Ler Devagar bookstore, one of Lisbon’s most beautiful bookstores! When you visit LX Factory, it’s a must to take a look inside! Once you step inside, you see floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a mobile of a cyclist hanging in the centre. There are many Portuguese books, but also English literature. Walk up the stairs to admire a substantial three-story old printing press! Take a look at the vinyl also! You’ll discover Portuguese, African, French, and Brazilian, as well as jazz and experimental types of vinyl from all over the world. Buy a book at the Ler Devagar bookstore, or simply admire the huge printing press!

Delicious food and drinks

A visit to the LXF is only complete when eating and drinking something! There are many restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal or take a break with a cool drink! The industrial space is the place for culinary highlights!

Coffee shops at the LX Factory Lisbon

If you fancy a coffee and a pastel de nata, there are a few coffee shops to choose from. Wish Slow Coffee House serves a great flat white! Whereas Café na Fábrica is perfect for coffee or natural and healthy products, as well as sweet and savoury treats. And speaking of sweet…, the crepes at Chef Nino – Creparie E Gelataria are incredible!

LX Factory restaurants

When it’s time for a bit to eat, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from! Matchama serves Asian and Peruvian fusion dishes, Micro Burgers & Music has a chill atmosphere and the Mex Factory is perfect for a tasty Mexican burrito! Are you looking for a snack instead of a big meal? Try the New York-style cheesecakes at LXeeseCake by Madame Cheeselova, or taste the cheese-filled fishcakes from Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or eat anything, there is an excellent restaurant at the LX Factory, which foods from all over the world!

LX Factory Lisbon bars

Many bars call the LX Factory home. There is even a brewery, and beer lovers will enjoy visiting BEERS. There is a wide selection of beers to try, including 12 draft beers! Try them with some beautiful snacks such as Prawns with Garlic and Rotos Eggs. LX Hostel has a fantastic rooftop bar, and in the afternoon, it’s open for cocktails, beers, and wines. Many restaurants have terraces and outdoor seating as well, where you can enjoy a drink!

LX Factory markets

Visiting LX Factory is fun on any day, but there are also lovely markets to visit! Visit the weekly flea market, for example. The Sunday market is great for vintage and second-hand shopping and finding cool treasures and handmade items. Fashion lovers adore the creative market! The Sunday market is open from 10 AM until 6 PM.

Open day at the Lisbon LX Factory

Every first Thursday evening of each month, LX Factory Creators open their doors after hours. The open day is excellent for those curious about the creative process and unique works of art. There are also regularly changing exhibitions showcasing some of the best pieces and artworks in the country!

Street art and graffiti at the LX Factory

Street art lovers will also enjoy visiting LX Factory. Several artists, such as Bordalo II, make the art and graffiti at LX Factory Lisbon. Next to the hostel entrance, you discover his Bumblebee, made from waste and plastics, next to the hostel entrance. Have a look around and enjoy the stunning street art and wall paintings. Some buildings have been demolished over the years, such as the 40-meter-long murial Desassossego by Mário Belém and Hugo Makarov. The LX Factory is a very dynamic place and has changed a lot over the years.

Fun fact: did you know Lisbon’s LX Factory was (partially) the backdrop for the music video ‘Topic, A7S – Breaking Me ft. A7S’? Take a look at the YouTube video!

Village Underground

Next to the LX Factory, on Avenida da Índia, you can visit Village Underground. It is a cultural center and an international platform for creativity, art and culture. It was created in 2007 in London and opened its doors in Lisbon in 2014. The structure contains shipping containers converted to coworking space, and the two piled old buses are used as a restaurant and meeting room. There is also a skateboard ramp, and Village Underground organises many fun events throughout the year!

Lisbon LX Factory opening hours

The cobbled streets of the LX Factory are open from Monday to Friday from 10.30 AM until 10.30 PM. At the weekends, doors open at 9 AM. You can enter for free, and there is no extra cost to visit the place.

How to get to the LX Factory Lisbon?

The LX Factory is located in Alcântara, one of Lisbon’s neighbourhoods, right below the bridge Ponte 25 de Abril. From Lisbon’s city centre, it’s straightforward to get to. The address of the LX Factory Lisbon is Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103. You can take the Cascais train from Cais do Sodré and get out at the train station at Alcantara-Mar. It’s only two stops, and it takes 3 minutes! From the station, it takes 10 minutes to walk.

If you come by bus or tram, you can leave from Praça da Figueira and Cais do Sodré. The bus stop is at Largo do Calvário, and from there, it’s only a short walk to the LX Factory. The bust stop Calvário is on the street parallel to the LX Factory. The journey takes about half an hour when taking Tram 15 from Praça da Figueira to Rua Rodrigues Faria. When you take an Uber, Bolt or taxi, you can ask to be dropped off at the LX Factory or Rua Rodrigues Faria.

The entrance to the Lisbon LX Factory

There are two separate entrances to the LX Factory. There is one close to the bridge on Rua 1º de Maio. Via a short passage or tunnel, you enter the grounds. The other entrance is at the crossing of Rua Rodrigues de Faria and Rua Maria Isabel Saint-Léger.

Things to see and do near the LX Factory

Wait to leave, as there are some great attractions nearby. Across the street from the LX Factory, on Rua 1º de Maio 24, you can find B-MAD. It’s a great museum where you can marvel at a beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco collection! A little further, you’ll find the Carris Museum. Here, you can see some of Lisbon’s oldest trams and buses. For a stunning view, you can walk up to Santo Amaro Chapel.

Or visit the Pilar 7 – Bridge Experience next to Village Underground. The exhibition space inside is dedicated to the April 25 Bridge and is located inside one of the pillars! You have a stunning view over the Tagus River and the bridge from the upper floors! The LX Factory is also near Belém, which makes it a great place for a day trip. There is so much to see and do in both areas!

Hotels close to the LX Factory Lisbon

Do you want to stay at the LX Factory Lisbon? Then, you can book a cubicle at the LX Hostel! What a fun way to meet fellow travellers and stay in Lisbon on a budget. In the morning, you can enjoy a fantastic breakfast on the roof with a view over the Tagus River and the bridge! There are three dorms and two private rooms with a shared bathroom. 

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you can pick one in the lovely neighbourhood of Alcântara. For a luxury stay, you can opt for Pestana Palace Lisboa or the Hyatt Regency Lisbon. But there are also some beautiful and affordable apartments nearby! Check out the LX Design Apartment or Casa Boma Lisboa. The below map will show you more options around Alcântara. There are many restaurants nearby, but it’s a relatively quiet area to stay in.


The LX Factory in Lisbon is a creative space for artists and like-minded people. There are incredible shops, tasty restaurants and a stunning bookstore that are well worth a visit!

Back in the day, Lisboa was spelled Lixbõa. The old spelling has changed, but the abbreviation LX is still often used.

Before, the Company of Wiring and Fabricos Lisbonense was located at the LX Factory. They opened the factory in 1846, and it used to be one of the most important factories in the city.

The LX Factory is located in Lisbon's neighbourhood of Alcântara. Take the Cascais train from Cais do Sodré and exit at the nearest train station at Alcântara-Mar. If you come by bus or Tram 15 from Praça da Figueira, you can exit at bus stop Calvário. The LX Factory is located on Rua Rodrigues Faria, a short walk from the station and bus stops.


The LX Factory is one of Lisbon’s best attractions, and when visiting the city, it’s a must-see spot! The industrial complex contains many restaurants, shops, and galleries. It’s a place to enjoy art, creative fashion, and delicious food. There is a lot of street art and one of the best spots in the Lisbon region if you like graffiti. You can find the LX Factory Lisbon in the neighbourhood of Alcântara, and the complex brings creative people and a community together. The 23,000m2 site also contains a hostel, coworking spaces, and offices. The complex is loved by many, leaving fantastic LX Factory reviews!

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  1. The LX Factory is such a hidden gem, enjoyed checking this place out while I was in Lisbon! Definitely worth spending an afternoon here!

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