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Christmas in Óbidos

Christmas in Óbidos; stunning Christmas village and sparkling decorations

Óbidos is a magical place any day, but during Christmas, the magic of the walled town really shines! A trip to Óbidos is a huge recommendation if you're in Portugal this December. Discover Vila Natal and bring a visit to Santa!

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How to get to Óbidos from Lisbon?

Óbidos is very easy to reach from Lisbon. If you rent a car, the drive is just an 1 hour. Óbidos is off the A8, and the village is super easy to reach. From the car park, it’s a short walk to enter the town village. In total, there are five parking areas in Óbidos. Three are paid, and two are free. There is a total capacity of over 4,000 vehicles.

There is also a bus service from Lisbon to Óbidos. Rodotejo bus company has a service (Rapids Verde) from Campo Grande terminal in Lisbon to Óbidos. From Lisbon, it takes around 1 hour to get to Óbidos.

Do you prefer to take the train? Óbidos is connected by rail, and you can check the train times on the website Comboios de Portugal. There is also an option to prebook your tickets on their site. The train ride from Lisbon takes around 2,5 to 3,5 hours. You’ll have to change trains in Caldas da Rainha, and the service is infrequent. A bus or rental car would be a quicker and easier option.

If you don’t want to rent a car or have no driver’s license, a day tour to Óbidos might suit you best. You’ll get to wander around town, but as you travel in a group, there might not be time to visit Vila Natal. Tours from Lisbon to Óbidos are often combined with other towns such as Fátima, Nazaré, and Batalha. With a private tour, you might be able to change the schedule.

Vila Natal; the Christmas Village in Óbidos

From November 30th to December 31st, Óbidos turns into a Christmas wonderland. The town is beautifully decorated, and you’ll find an ice skating rank in front of the church at Praça de Santa Maria. Outside the castle walls, you can visit Vila Natal, the Christmas Village in Óbidos.

Attractions at Vila Natal Óbidos

Especially if you have children, this is a fantastic place to visit. You can visit Santa in his chalet, and his elves will welcome you. Regular shows with illusionists, magicians, comedy and puppets are on the circus stage. And your visit is, of course, not complete without a ride on the Christmas train! At Quinta Mágica, you’ll discover small animals and listen to enchanted fables. And if you’re under 12 years old, you can have your face painted.

Óbidos Christmas Village
A map of Vila Natal

Furthermore, there are trampolines, and you can go tree climbing, slide off the ice slope and play in the snow zone. You can create and send your letter to Santa Claus at the post office, and during the candy workshops, you can make your own sweets! Of course, you can also visit the Christmas crib, a centuries-old tradition. There are real animals, such as goats, sheep, ducks, and a donkey! You can visit the food court between the games and events, where you’ll find warm drinks and snacks.

Lenho de natal

On the night of December 24th, you can witness the tradition of the wood on Rua da Porta da Vila. Lenho means wood, and it’s an invitation to tradition and community sharing. A large bonfire on the main square will burn until it is extinguished by itself. There are many other events throughout the month, such as music groups and concerts.

Christmas in Óbidos for adults

If you have no children, it might not be worth visiting Vila Natal as most of the events are for children. That doesn’t mean a visit to Óbidos is not worth it, though! The town is simply stunning, and there are many places to discover. You can walk the castle wall, find the colourful houses and visit Rua Diretta, the Main Street of Óbidos. The town is famous for its ginginja, which you can taste on every street corner. It’s one of Portugal’s most known liquors made from cherries. Besides, Óbidos has no less than 14 bookstores that you can visit.

There are also many shops on Rua Diretta, such as Loja do Lagar, Chocolateria Prazer E Vício, Livraria do Mercado, and Mercearia d’Óbidos. Foodies will also enjoy the town, and recommendations are JamonJamon, Avocado Coffee & Healthy Food, A Nova Casa de Ramiro, and Madok.

What to wear in Óbidos in winter

Although Portugal is a relatively warm country, even in winter, it can get icy cold! The humidity is high, and the temperatures can drop under 10 degrees Celsius. Add some wind, and it gets super cold. Warm clothes are advised, and layers will help tremendously. Please note many homes have no heating, but hotels and B&Bs are equipped with a fireplace or electric heater to keep you warm.

Opening times Óbidos Christmas Village

The event occurs from the 30th of November until the 31st of December 2022. Vila Natal is closed on Christmas Day. The doors to the Christmas Village open at 11 AM every day. The entrance door closes 1 hour before the closing time of the event. This is usually at 5 PM or 6 PM, and some days at 8 PM. You can check the calendar by clicking here.

Vila Natal Óbidos tickets

Children 12 years and older and adults pay € 10,00 per person—children between 3 and 11 pay € 8,00 per ticket. And children under three can visit free of charge. Special tickets, like student and senior tickets, can only be purchased at the ticket box. To avoid the line, you can buy your tickets online.

The Porta da Vila ticket box closes 2 hours before closing time. Porta da Santiago is closing 1,5 hours beforehand. There are special family tickets, and these are available from € 32,00. Tickets for the ice rink are sold separately and cost € 6,00. The ice rink is for children older than 6 years, and you can skate for 15 minutes. Children under 6 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult. The price for the carousel at Largo da Porta da Vila is € 3,00.

Staying overnight

To fully enjoy the Christmas spirit, you can stay in Óbidos for a night. It’s quiet in town at night, and you can fully enjoy the magic of this medieval town. Many homes have a fireplace to keep you warm, and you can sleep within the castle walls! Below you’ll find a selection of gorgeous please to stay.


Óbidos is a fantastic place to visit all year round, but Christmas in Óbidos is just that little extra special. You cannot miss a trip to Vila Natal if you have children, as they’ll surely have the time of their lives! Adults will enjoy the castled town, the shops, and the many restaurants. Are you not in Óbidos in December? There are many other events, such as the medieval market in July and Folio, the International Literary Festival of Óbidos in October. For more information and background about this amazing place, click here for a whole article about Óbidos.

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Written by Marga

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  1. We loved our visit to the charming town of Obidos. So I read your post with interest. It looks like Christmas would be a great time to re-visit this fairytale town – even for an adult. And plan to stay a few days and enjoy it like a local.

  2. Never heard of Obidos, but from your pictures, it looks like a very beautiful place to vacation for a chill relaxing time. Thanks for sharing your travel experiences.

  3. I loved Obidos in the summer. I can see how this town would really shine for Christmas. I think ginja in a chocolate cup is perfect for the festive season.

  4. What an adorable place to celebrate the Chrismas holiday! I’ve never heard of Obidos before this but now I want to go! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Vila Natal in Obidos looks like so much fun, although it does sound like it can get very cold (at least for me, I live in a desert!). I love that they have free face painting for the kiddos. It sounds like a great place for families!

  6. If I ever visit Obidos, I think I will just stay there. It looks magical in the Christmas decorations. I think Obidos would be a great place to visit outside the holidays too.

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