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Hi there! My name is Marga. I've been travelling around the world together for over two decades, exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

And then it happened... maybe you know that, that tickling feeling in your stomach of being in love. That happened to me when I first came to Portugal. The good food, the friendly people and the paradise beaches had a huge influence on me. And that's why I decided to move to Portugal in 2021!

How it all began

Coastline Portugal

The story

I was born in The Netherlands in a small city in Friesland, and even as a child, I was super curious about my surrounding. Soon a travel bug was born, and I’m very grateful I’ve been able to travel from a very young age. Fast forward, after studying tourism, I worked as an international flight attendant for 8 years. First in The Netherland, then in the United Kingdom.

This was the time I picked up my first camera. I wanted to capture all the beautiful places on this planet, and I started to create the life of my dreams. Since my career as a stewardess, I have lived in Ireland for 7 years and Germany for 6. I started working as a wedding photographer, and I created Paparazzi Tours, Β where I photograph people on holiday. I also started working as a travel writer, and I feel fortunate that I’ve travelled to over 65 countries so far, which means I can write about many destinations first-hand.

My travel philosophy

For years I travelled from one place to the next at a speed faster than light. Especially when working as a flight attendant, the physical time on location was limited.

Today I love taking my time when travelling to a new location. I love discovering hidden gems, street art and abandoned places on my trips. Nothing beats hanging out with locals and finding quirky shops, coffee bars, local markets and restaurants. I’m always up for an adventure, and I try to travel to less known places to the public! Slow travel is terrific if you’re in the position to do so! Sustainability is a big part of my travels these days, and where possible, I prefer to take a bus or train to my next destination.

Work life

Since 2012 I have worked as a professional photographer, and I’ve worked mainly in the wedding and tourism industry. I love capturing special moments and creating memories for my clients. Want to know more about the tours in Lisbon? Please have a look here, and maybe we’ll meet when you visit the city!

In 2019 I started working as a travel writer, and I work primarily with other bloggers and businesses in the tourism field.

I help service-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs with blog posts, case studies, email marketing and website content. This allows companies to grow a business, generate sales, inspire an audience and generate more organic website traffic. If you’d like more information or if you need some help? Please have a look at my writing work and send me a message.


When we travel, we open ourselves up to better understand ourselves and the world. Travelling is an excellent opportunity to learn from other people, different cultures and traditions. It creates a new awareness and appreciation, and I value this the most. The world really is like a classroom!

And it might sound clichΓ©, but when I travel, I try just to leave footsteps andΒ take pictures. I aim to keep disruption to a minimum and support local restaurants, guides and hotels. The same goes for transport. Flying is often still needed due to high train ticket prices or distance. But where possible to choose trains and busses over cars and planes. All this can help to create healthier communities, avoid mass tourism and learn from our travels abroad or in our country.Β 

I don’t know where I'll be in a week or in a month. 
But I'm always trying out new experiences.