Hi, I’m Marga

Here is a little bit about me! I’m an adventurer, writer and photographer, and over the last 25 years, I’ve travelled the globe extensively. In my 20’s, I worked as a flight attendant, and I was in tech for part of my 30s. Now, I am a freelance portrait photographer in Lisbon, a travel writer, and an SEO specialist for international companies. 

After living in Spain, England, Ireland and Germany, I completely fell in love with Portugal in 2019. I moved here in 2021 and started the Discover Portugal blog in 2022. As I discover the country, I write and take images to inspire my readers. 

I love unknown places away from tourist sites, and on this blog, you’ll find the must-see attractions and many hidden gems I encounter. So, if you travel to Portugal, I hope you’ll find your inspiration here!

Dutch Copywriter

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in nature

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Favorite place

the beach

I love

my family

best snuggle buddy

Savage the cat
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Where this all began

I come from a tiny city in Friesland, nestled within the flat landscapes of The Netherlands (hello, lakes and bicycles!). Even in my childhood, my curiosity about the world ignited my desire to explore. And thus, the travel bug within me was born!

After a study in tourism in Amsterdam, I embarked upon a chapter as an international flight attendant. For eight years, I spread my wings in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, discovering the world and embracing diverse cultures.

It was during this period that my love affair with photography started. Armed with my first camera, I wanted to capture the world’s beauty. I started working as a wedding photographer in Ireland, worked for several tech companies and moved to Germany after seven years. But slowly, I began crafting the life of my dreams, as an office job never felt suitable for me.

After capturing weddings for several years, I established photoshoots with tourists in Berlin (now in Lisbon), allowing me to capture vacationers’ joyous moments. Additionally, I started writing content for travel companies. After six years in Berlin, I moved to Portugal, where I continued to write and work as a photographer.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities to venture far and wide. In essence, my journey has been a kaleidoscope of experiences! I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced over 65 countries firsthand. This background fuels my ability to share captivating tales of diverse destinations with my clients. With all this in my pocket, I started my own travel website, Discover Portugal, in 2022.


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Are you looking for help with creating content and blog articles? Do you need some images for your business? Or are you looking to work with me on sponsored posts? I offer content campaigns for brands and tourism boards, social media marketing, product photography, modelling and brand partnerships. I’ve worked with bloggers and companies like Holidu, Parkvakanties, Rondreis, Grazia and multiple tech companies. Check the Work With Me page, or click below to see some examples.

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