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Portugal itineraries for
independent travellers

Travelling is great! But can also feel overwhelming. Which places should I visit? Where to stay and what to see? Thankfully Discover Portugal can help with your Portugal trip planning! You can see it as your own personal Portugal travel itinerary creator. How handy is that?


Can you use a bit of help planning your trip to Portugal? With these personalised itineraries, you’ll get to experience your dream trip! Are you more into nature? Do you want to visit the famous sights? Or spend some time on the most beautiful beaches? With a custom itinerary for Portugal, you’ll enjoy an excellent holiday.

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How does it work?


Fill in the questionnaire

By filling in the quick travel quiz, I get an overview of your wishes, interests and travel schedule. I'll then contact you to schedule a free call.


Schedule a free 30-45 minute online call

During the call, you can tell me more about yourself (and your travel buddies), your budget and your dream holiday to Portugal. This free call takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how long you plan to visit Portugal. We will work out all the details together!


Receive your custom Portugal travel itinerary

I'll get to the drawing board and draft a personalised journey for you. You'll receive a PDF eBook by email so you can easily store it in the Cloud or even print it! Once you have your itinerary, you can easily make all your bookings!


One Free Follow-up if needed

If you have any questions about your itinerary for Portugal, we can schedule another 15-minute call so you're fully prepared to start booking your trip.

What is included?

No trip is the same. Your personalised eBook is therefore tailored to your wishes, schedule and budget. The PDF will be ready within 14 days after our call.

Travel information

Information about flights, travel insurance, transfers and transportation in Portugal.

Accommodation options

A list of recommended accommodations per destination, applicable to your budget.

Excursions and sights

A personalised itinerary with activities and places to accommodate your preferences. Local tour guide recommendations can be included on request.

A food guide

Including the best restaurants in the area where you stay. These can be traditional Portuguese restaurants, family-orientated restaurants, budget-friendly cafes, vegan options, where to have breakfast etc.


Free initial one-to-one consultation, PDF eBook with a full itinerary , one free follow-up call to answer your questions

The short break

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  • Free 30-45 minute call or chat
  • Personalised travel itinerary eBook
  • Information for 1 destination
  • Perfect for a city break or quick escape
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The ultimate trip

230 from
  • Free 30-45 minute call or chat
  • Personalised travel itinerary eBook
  • Information for 3 destinations in Portugal
  • Perfect for a longer trip to Portugal

Booking assistance

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  • Do you need help with online bookings, or
  • are you nervous about making a mistake?
  • I can help you book transportation, hotels,
  • excursions, and more during a call.


Travel planner Portugal

No, the eBook you receive contains a custom plan for your trip to Portugal. Booking your journey will be straightforward from there and will include booking links. If you like guidance with the bookings, I can offer paid assistance.

Yes! Discover Portugal loves working with local guides so you can relax and enjoy the experience. If you have any specific wishes, just let me know in the questionnaire or during our call.

For sure! The whole idea is to create a memorable itinerary for you. I’ve got you covered whether you want to discover hidden gems, famous sights or nature.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (within Europe) or by Credit Card (Stripe handles all secure payments). You will receive payment information when you’d like to go ahead after the call. Once the payment is received and when your custom itinerary for Portugal is ready, you’ll receive your eBook.

Once we have agreed on a time and date, we can schedule a call over Zoom or Google Meet.

You´ll receive your custom itinerary within two weeks after our call.

Plans can change, but no refunds will be given once you receive the custom online eBook. Discover Portugal will keep a 30% deposit if you have yet to receive your itinerary due to admin costs and time spent creating your trip. In that case, you can expect a 70% refund.

The eBook is created personally for you and your travel companion(s). A lot of work goes into creating the best trip for you, and these eBooks are fully copyrighted. Therefore, you cannot share your custom trip with anyone outside your group.

More about Discover Portugal

Greetings, fellow travellers!

My name is Marga, an explorer who has travelled the globe for over two decades. Throughout my journey, I've embarked upon awe-inspiring trips, visiting extraordinary destinations and immersing myself in diverse cultures. I've been travelling to Portugal since 2019 and made it my home in 2021. The fabulous cuisine, the friendly locals, and the stunning beaches all conspired to cast an enchanting spell upon me. It was an affair that couldn't be denied. Personally, I love unknown places away from tourist sites, but I visit sights wide and far in Portugal to advise about the best places you can see.

Photoshoots in Lisbon

Do you want to make your trip even more memorable? Discover Portugal offers photo shoots in Lisbon! So if you’re heading to the capital, don’t forget to book your private (or group) shoot in the city. Nice backgrounds are guaranteed, and this experience is excellent for solo travellers, families, and friends!

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