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Discover Porto

Porto has many sights to visit! Discover the best tours, activities and places to visit in Porto. These guides are first-hand experiences from a local, so you´re fully prepared for your trip to the second-largest city in Portugal.

Activities, tours, and highlights in Porto​

Miradouros Porto

Miradouros Porto: 10+ fantastic viewpoints with the best panoramic views

When you’re visiting Porto, Portugal, you’ll definitely be walking up and down a lot of hills! Thankfully, all this effort is paid off with stunning views over the city. The miradouros in Porto are worth discovering, and this guide will help you with some of the best viewpoints in the Portuguese town! Each location is marked with its precise location, so you can easily find the best spots in town!

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Porto boat tours

Best Porto boat tours, including the 6 bridges cruise

Are you visiting Porto? Then, a cruise on the River Douro is well worth it! Enjoy an unforgettable day on the water, and sail along the famous Porto bridges during a boat ride. You’ll learn more about the city’s history, and the bridges Porto is renowned for. Enjoy the Douro River from the water and the many sights along the way.

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Best souvenirs from Portugal

Best souvenirs from Portugal; unique Portuguese gifts for your loved ones

Who else loves buying souvenirs when travelling? And, although you might prefer collecting memories, many of us also love collecting souvenirs, whether for us or the homefront. Many Portuguese souvenirs are available, but what are the best souvenirs from Portugal? And where to buy your souvenirs in Portugal? In this blog post, we´ll delve into the world of Portuguese souvenirs!

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Best sights Porto

The ultimate list for the best sights in Porto

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal and a must-see city during your holiday. Porto, or Oporto, lies along the river Douro, and it’s one of the oldest European cities. There are many historical sights, and Porto is famous for its wine!

Not sure what to do in Porto? Discover sights, restaurants, and more! This ultimate guide helps you find the best places to visit in Porto.

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