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Flight delayed Portugal

Flight delayed or cancelled in Portugal? Claim your money back with AirHelp!

Did your flight to or from Portugal get delayed? Then it's time to check your passenger's rights and make a claim with AirHelp.

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Most of the time, flights go as planned, and you easily travel from A to B. But there are times… everything just falls apart, and flights are majorly delayed or worse, they get cancelled! Thankfully, the European Union has some rules in place which will protect travellers. But what are your rights? And how can you claim your money back? If your flight is delayed in Portugal (or anywhere really!), read on!

Reasons for delays and cancellations

The reason a flight is delayed could be anything, but it’s essential to know as a potential future claim relies on this information. Is it the weather? A technical error? Are you waiting for connecting passengers or bags? Is it the airports’ fault or the airlines’ mistake? Is staffing an issue? There are a few reasons, though, which are beyond the airlines’ control, and for that reason, the disruption under extraordinary circumstances is not considered the airline’s fault, and you’re not eligible for compensation.

Extraordinary circumstances for flight delays and cancellations

Under extraordinary circumstances, you’re usually not entitled to receive compensation.

✅ Bad weather; 

✅ Airport or union strikes;

✅ Bird strikes;

✅ Restrictions set by air traffic controllers (e.g. runway closure);

✅ Political and civil unrest;

Security risks/ threats at the airport.

Know your rights when your flight is delayed in Portugal

It’s essential to know your passenger rights when facing flight disruptions. And the ‘fun’ part is that every country has its own rules and regulations. A complete spiderweb of information, so to speak. However, Europe’s EC 261 laws (UK 261 for passenger rights in UK Law) are pretty comprehensive, and you’re entitled to compensation in several situations. A complete guide to your passenger rights is in the link here. If your flight is delayed in Portugal, it depends on the airline you fly with, your destinations, and other factors. On the AirHelp website, you can find all the information specific to your situation, and their staff will happily explain whether or not you’re entitled to a refund or compensation.

In short, EC 261 is for:

✅ All flights departing from the EU and flights into the EU on an EU airline, where the airline is at fault;
✅ Covers delays, cancellations, and overbookings;
✅ Passengers must be informed of their rights;
✅ Food and drinks for cancellations and delays over 2 – 4 hours;
✅ Hotel and transport for passengers with overnight waits;
✅ In case of rerouting, choice of a full refund or alternative flight for cancellations, overbookings, delays over 5 hours, and missed connections;
✅ Compensation up to $700 USD/€600/£520 per person for: delays over 3 hours, cancellations less than 14 days before departure, and denied boardings due to overbooking.

Missing luggage

Luggage rights is another chapter to look at, and if your baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed, you might be entitled to compensation. Some tips: before your trip, take images of your luggage, including the items you bring. Never put high-value items in your checked baggage, EVER! Keep receipts of items, and don’t bring things that are dear to you when it’s not necessary.

Claim with the Airline

Do you believe you’re entitled to receive compensation? You can always try to make a claim with the airline first. And if you’ve attempted to contact an airline before, you might know this isn’t always the most straightforward task. Often, they don’t want to pay you compensation and excuses as to why you’re not eligible are thrown at you. It can be a very daunting and anxiety-inducing process to stand up for your rights! Besides, you’ll have to fill in some paperwork which can be confusing and unnecessarily complicated. It can take months, if not years, before you see a $ back in your bank account…

Flight delayed in Portugal? Let AirHelp help you with your claim

It’s time for a rescue! AirHelp has helped more than 16 million passengers since it was founded in 2013 and is the perfect partner in crime to get your money back. They handle your entire claim and will send you regular updates.

The process is super simple! You submit your flight details, and if you’re eligible for a refund, AirHelp will handle the claim process. They keep a 35% fee if they win, and you receive the rest (50% if legal procedures are necessary). If you don’t succeed, there is no fee! Even better news! With this link, you’ll get a 10% discount on the service fee! So if your flight is delayed in Portugal, or anywhere else in the world, let AirHelp help you with your claim.

Get help from AirHelp

Get your 10% discount today!

About AirHelp

Airhelp has an international legal team in 35 countries and offers service assistance in 17 languages. They have access to one of the world’s most extensive flight stat databases, and they often successfully get your money back. Let’s have a look at some data:

✅ You can get up to $700/€600/£520 back per passenger;
✅ Your flight had to be in the last 3 years;
✅ Your ticket price is irrelevant;
✅ This works for all airlines;
✅ All countries;
✅ If you don’t win the claim, there is no fee!

Flight delayed Portugal

AirHelp Plus

AirHelp Plus is also the right solution if you’re looking for extra support. Their complete plan also adds comfortable lounge access during delays. How does it work?

✅ Join: Buy today and then relax, knowing your future flights will be cared for whenever you’re ready to fly again.
✅ Activate when needed: Add your upcoming flight details, and AirHelp will notify you about any delays — and if they qualify for compensation.
✅ Enjoy extra benefits: Access your dedicated AirHelp Plus area to keep track of future flights, start claims, chat, and much more.

Flight delayed Portugal

Fingers crossed that your next flight runs smoothly so you can enjoy your holiday again to the fullest! As a former flight attendant, I have had my fair share of flight delays. And also, as a passenger, I’ve claimed to get refunded or compensated. Some airlines were super fast, and some took 2,5 years to respond… And AirHelp has come to the rescue on multiple occasions! But I’m curious! Tell me your flight delay/cancellation stories! And have you been able to get your money back?

Written by Marga

Written by Marga

Content creator, travel writer and photographer

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  1. This is very helpful! I had one trip cancelled a few years ago and it took months to get money back but ultimately we did.

  2. This is such an informative article. I worked for an airline for 10 years so have seen first hand our flight disruptions can affect people. So this is such a good idea to cover yourself

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