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Sunset tour Lisbon

Book your sunset cruise in Lisbon today; an unforgettable experience!

Have you ever wondered where you can enjoy the best sunset in Lisbon? The answer is, on a boat! Let's check out the best sunset cruises in Lisbon! This will be an unforgettable experience in the Portuguese capital.

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A magical sunset in Lisbon

There are several fantastic sunset spots in Lisbon! Especially from Cacilhas on the other side of the river Tagus. It is no surprise that people love to dine in restaurants like Ponto Final and Atira-te ao Rio. There are also several beaches at Costa da Caparica and in Sintra that offer mesmerising sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. But there is another fabulous way to enjoy a stunning sunset in Lisbon; from a boat!

Where to board your sunset cruise in Lisbon

Most cruises leave from the harbour in Belém. Santa Maria de Belém is a district west of Lisbon’s city centre, and it’s straightforward to get there. You can take Tram 15, buses 714, 727 or 728, and by train from Cais de Sodré (direction Cascais). Belém has two main harbours where sunset cruises leave from. They are located close to Torre de Belém and the monument Padrão dos Descobrimentos. When you book a cruise, the tour operator will tell you exactly where to go.

Different types of sunset cruises

There are a few different cruises in Lisbon to choose from. Some tours are 1,5 hours, there are cruises on a catamaran, and you can sail off on a vintage sailboat. There is the perfect tour for every preference and duration. Let’s look at some of the options!

Cruises for those with little time

If you’re strapped for time, a 1,5 hours cruise might be best for you. You’ll receive a welcome drink and tour around the highlights of Lisbon. This tour takes place on a panorama vessel, which is also suitable for larger groups. There is a lot of space to sit, and you’ll learn a bit more about the main attractions of Lisbon. You’ll enjoy a 360-degree view when cruising passed the MAAT, Belém Tower, and Lisbon’s city centre. From € 34,00 per person; read more.

An extended Tagus sunset cruise

A more extended cruise is recommended if you have a little more time. This cruise takes 2,5 hours and passes historic buildings in Lisbon, the 25th of April suspension bridge, and other famous sights along the river Tagus. You’ll receive a welcome drink and some tasty Portuguese snacks. This boat is also very spacious and suitable for bigger groups. From € 29,00; read more.

A sunset tour on a sailboat

A rockier ride is a 2- hour cruise on a sailboat! Depending on the wind, this can be an excellent and active way to see Lisbon from the water. But no stress; you can sit down and enjoy the views as the experienced crew will set the sails. You’ll be sipping on a drink of choice whilst sailing along the highlights of the Tagus. A typical cruise passes Belém, Lisbon’s old town up until the Pantheon, Cacilhas, and the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. A sailboat is excellent for a more intimate experience and small groups. From € 30,00; read more.

The Tagus on a vintage sailboat

Similar but slightly different is a cruise on a vintage sailboat! Just like Lisbon, you’ll discover the city in a historical way. The cruise lasts 2 hours, and you’ll enjoy some traditional snacks and a glass of wine. From € 45,00; read more.

A catamaran cruise in Lisbon

The final group option is a catamaran sunset cruise in Lisbon! You’ll enjoy panoramic views over Lisbon, and the route is similar to the above tours. You’ll receive a complimentary drink while the sun slowly creates that orange glow over the water. A catamaran cruise is also fabulous for smaller groups and solo travellers. From € 40,00; read more.

A private cruise on a luxury sailing yacht

Do you prefer to travel just with your partner? Then a private sunset cruise on a sailing yacht is the most romantic option of all! Does it get any better than this? The private sunset cruise in Lisbon lasts 2 hours, and this will most like be the most unforgettable experience as a couple. It’s a great way to propose or celebrate your wedding anniversary! You’ll receive a bottle of sparkling wine so you can enjoy the sunset in an extra special setting. This tour is great for couples, but groups are also very welcome. From € 230,00; read more.

Cruises from Lisbon city centre

Only a few cruises leave from the city centre in Lisbon. And this is an extraordinary one! The 2-hour boat cruise is on a traditional boat from 1947! You’ll board the ship in Alfama (at Terreiro do Paço) and cruise towards Belém. The guides will tell you more about the city, and you can enjoy a glass of wine on board. From € 35,00; read more.


Whichever cruise you pick, it’s a fantastic way to see the city and catch a stunning sunset in Lisbon. Maybe it’s even the best sunset in Portugal! Belém has a lot to offer, and you’ll easily spend a day in this Lisbon district. Recommendations are the Jerónimos Monastery, Pasteis de Belém, the National Coach Museum, MAAT, the Berardo Collection, and the Belém Tower. For a complete guide about Belém, click here. A cruise after a day in Belém is a relaxing way to finish the day. It will most likely be a highlight of your trip to Lisbon!

Written by Marga

Written by Marga

Content creator, travel writer and photographer

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  1. Ah Lisbon is on my bucket list but I hadn’t considered doing a sunset cruise! It looks like such a magical experience and your photos are stunning! I’m definitely going to do one when I finally get to visit! Thanks for the great guide!

  2. Oooh these all sound fabulous! Sunset over the waters by Lisbon looks lovely. A private cruise on a luxury sailing yacht obviously looks amazing if we’re feeling spendy!

  3. I love seeing new places by boat. You get an entirely different perspective. When I visit Portugal I’ll be taking a sunset cruise for sure.

  4. Gorgeous! I’ve never seen a sun that red. A 1.5 hour tour sounds nice for exploring Lisbon by land and water. I really think the monuments are gorgeous and so detailed. It reminds me of something you’d see on Game of Thrones!

  5. Lisbon is already such a photogenic city, let alone at sunset!! I adore the idea of one of these cruises. So nice!

  6. The Sunset boat tour was one of the best things I did in Lisbon. Seeing the city from the river is a different experience and the sunset is just so wow!
    The photos in this article are gorgeous… makes me want to go back

  7. We really wanted to do a sunset cruise when we were in Lisbon in May but we didn’t have enough time in our itinerary. It looks amazing though!

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