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Bike tour with Baja Bikes Lisbon

Discover Lisbon by bicycle, a fun guided bike tour with Baja Bikes

When you visit a city with seven hills, a bike tour might not be an obvious first choice to explore the sights. Baja Bikes, however, offers a fun guided tour through Lisbon, and it’s the perfect way to discover the highlights in town.

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Baja Bike Tours in Lisbon

When you arrive in Lisbon, it’s a great idea to get an overview of all the sights in the city. One great way to do so is by booking a bike tour with Baja Bikes. Let’s look at what’s included in the tour and what to expect.

The Highlights in Lisbon Bike Tour

Baja bikes has three different tour options in Lisbon. The most popular tour is the Highlights in Lisbon bike tour. This trip starts in the morning in Parque Eduardo VII, close to Marquês de Pombal’s metro stop. This bike tour with Baja Bikes is a fantastic way to discover the city’s highlights. A local guide will spend around 4 hours with you to showcase the city’s beauty. What an excellent and eco-friendly way to discover Lisbon!

The route starts in the park, and while you cycle down Avenida da Liberdade, you’ll stop at the first highlights in Lisbon. You’ll make quick stops at Marquês do Pombal Square, Restauradores Square, Casa do Alentejo and da Figueira Square, and Rossio Square, where you’ll learn a bit more about the history of Lisbon. You’ll stop for a sweet treat, and if you’re over 18, you can enjoy tasty local liquor in the city centre! 

The route continues to the river Tagus and Praça do Comércio. From here, it’s a lovely ride along the river to Belém, via the famous Bridge 25 de Abril. In Belém you’ll make a stop at Torre Belém, the Monument to the Overseas Combatants, and the monument Padrao dos Descobrimentos.

The total length of the route is about 12 kilometres (7,5 miles), and the trail is flat like a pancake! That makes the tour popular for all ages, and children are welcome to join. Child bikes and child seats are also available! After the bike tour with Baja Bikes, it’s great to spend some time in Belém and visit the Jeronimos Monastery, for example. Museums like MAAT, and the Popular Art Museum are also worth a visit.

The Lisbon Afternoon Bike Tour with Baja Bikes

Are you arriving in Lisbon in the morning? Or are you not a morning person? Then the Lisbon Afternoon Bike Tour is perfect for you.

The afternoon tour starts in Belém and ends in the historical city centre of Lisbon. You’ll visit some highlights in Belém and enjoy a Pastel de Nata at one of the oldest cafés in the city! Just like the morning tour, this route avoids steep roads, and the tour lasts 3,5 hours. You’ll enjoy a relaxed tour along the river and make stops at the LX Factory and Time Out Market.

The afternoon route is about 10 kilometres (6 miles) long, and along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning panoramic views over the river and the city.

The Private Tour

The third option is a private bike tour with Baja Bikes at your own pace. This is perfect for small groups, and you can decide your starting time. The more people you bring, the cheaper the price will be! A private tour lasts for 4 hours, and the route is similar to the morning tour.

1 person: 230€
2 people: 115€ per person
3 people: 75€ per person
4 people: 65€ per person
5-6 people: 55€ per person
7-9 people: 45€ per person
10-12 people: 42,50€ per person
13 people or more: 39,50€ per person

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If you visit Lisbon, a bike tour is a fantastic and sustainable way to see the city! The experienced guides will tell you many things about the city that you can explore afterwards. Once you finish the relaxing bike ride, there is plenty of time to discover the rest of Belém. For a full guide on what to do in Belém, click here.

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  1. This looks like an amazing trip! We love to travel and would use this information! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The pictures are beautiful! The whole adventure sounds like it would be a blast!!! Something I would never have known about if not for you. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Baja Bikes have tours all over the world and I think it’s a great way to explore the cities.

  3. Looks like a fun way to see Lisbon. I like your description of the morning ride “flat like a pancake”. I’m sure that description would give some the confidence to try the tour.

    1. I’m Dutch and we use this expression a lot hahahah I’m slowly getting used to the hills though, and I actually love mountains!

  4. Amazing post. I am planning to visit Europe soon and when I visit Lisbon, Baja bikes are definitely on the bucket list now

  5. This looks like SO much fun! I love a good bike tour, and Lisbon has long been on my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing this; I’ll definitely be referring back whenever I plan a trip here! Xx Sara

  6. Biking rather than driving is definitely more environment friendly! It is also a great workout for the legs and overall. I would love to do this bike tour some day when I decide to explore Lisbon. 🙂

  7. What a fun way to tour a city. Traveling a lot throughout Europe, I always see tourists doing bike tours and it looks so fun. Grant it, Lisbon is challenging terrain for a bike tour as it is so hilly. But, I love it!

  8. The bike tour route seems a great way to explore the city by the river. I must say a 12 km fun bike ride is a welcome activity after enjoying all the wonderful Portuguese food 🙂

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