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The most beautiful day trips around Lisbon

Of course, Lisbon is already a great destination, but there is also a lot to do around the city! You can easily book tours, decide what you’d like to see and discover some hidden gems around the Portuguese capital. Discover Portugal created a selection of the best day trips from

The most beautiful day trips around Lisbon

Caldas da Rainha

Caldas da Rainha; great city and excellent spot to discover the Portuguese Silver Coast

Caldas da Rainha is a great place to see when you enjoy visiting off-the-beaten-path towns in Portugal. It’s located in the Portuguese district of Leiria, just over an hour north of Lisbon. You can easily add this city to your itinerary when visiting Peniche, Óbidos, Alcobaça, and Nazaré. Caldas da Rainha and the region’s clay-rich soils are famous for their pottery, ceramics, and hot springs, thanks to the benefit of the healing waters. But there is more to see in this lovely town! Let’s look at the sights of Caldas da Rainha and discover more about this part of the country.

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Lisbon to Ericeira

Lisbon to Ericeira: A local guide to Portugals favourite surf town

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, offers a perfect blend of historic charm, beautiful architecture, and an exciting food scene. As you wander through its cobbled streets, you’ll be captivated by the atmosphere and friendly people. However, did you know there’s a hidden gem just a short drive away? Ericeira, a picturesque coastal town with 8 kilometres of coastline, will give you the ideal escape from city life, providing a stunning setting for relaxation and adventure.

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Renting a car Portugal

Renting a car Portugal: Start your Portuguese adventure by renting a (cheap) car

Do you want to discover Portugal on your terms? Or want to find secluded beaches and enjoy small towns and nature? Renting a car in Portugal will help you find these hidden gems! Enjoy the freedom to discover the country and travel off the beaten path. Car rental is straightforward in Portugal. But you might have questions about the international driver’s licence and whether you need one or other queries before booking. Learn more about Portugal car rentals, car rental locations, rules and regulations and where to find the best deals and the most popular rental car.

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Arrábida natural park

Things to do at Serra da Arrábida Natural Park; a natural paradise

Serra da Arrábida is a paradise for nature lovers. This hidden gem in nature is only a 40-minute drive from Lisbon, and you’ll discover dolphins, beaches like Praia do Creiro and Praia de Galapinhos, adventurous hikes, and lush green mountains! So when you visit Portugal and want to add a beach visit and time in nature to your Lisbon itinerary, the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park is not to be missed!

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Swell Nazaré Portugal

Watch the Nazaré big waves in Portugal; Things to know before you go!

Close to 30-meter tall waves, anyone? The Nazaré big waves in Portugal really are that high, and they are some of the tallest in the world! It’s the place where Guinness World Records are set, and you can witness this! Just don’t forget to bring binoculars and a camera to capture the surfers on the wave! During the winter months in Portugal, surfers from all over the world try to set new records and conquer the giant waves of Nazaré. Will you come to watch it this year?

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Streets of Óbidos

Óbidos: the perfect day trip from Lisbon or Porto

When you travel to Portugal, you might hear of a tiny town called Óbidos, a favourite day trip from Lisbon or Porto for many! It’s one of Portugal’s most beautiful towns and a must-see UNESCO site! In this guide, you’ll discover what you can expect when you visit this medieval settlement on the hill.

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